Pump or Lift Station Installation & Service

McPherson Enterprizes installs and services pumping or lift stations for commercial, municipal and private customers in Elizabeth City, NC and surrounding areas. Northeastern North Carolina has many low lying areas, and a very high water table due to the fact we are located so close to the coast.  This means many residents are required to pump wastewater, sewage, or just water from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. If a pump station is part of your plumbing system then our experienced plumbers can install pumps, remove pumps, service the systems, refurbish pump stations, check the valves and replace the float switches.

Pump or Lift Station Maintenance & Repairs

Sending high volumes of liquid uphill requires pumps, valves, piping and electrical equipment that will need maintenance, repairs and sometimes replacement. McPherson Enterprizes recommends that you routinely have your pump or lift system serviced. With an annual inspection and maintenance, we can thoroughly clean and examine the system for any leaks and damage and make the necessary repairs, to help prevent future failures and extend the life of the system.

Contact Us For Pump or Lift Station Solutions

Not only does McPherson Enerprizes serve Elizabeth City, NC, but we have installed and maintained pump stations in surrounding areas including Hertford, Edenton, Moyock, Camden, Currituck, Pasqutank, Perquimans and Gates County. If you are interested in a new pump station, or need maintenance on an existing one, call us today at (252) 334-1616 to schedule an appointment.