Sewer Video

McPherson Enterprizes of Elizabeth City, NC now has sewer video capabilities to add to their sewer and septic services. Taking sewer videos requires sending a specialized camera system down into your septic system to look for damage, blockages, or any other issues that may be causing unwanted septic performance such as poor drainage and backups. Using video to look for problems allows us to diagnose causes without having to dig or excavate first. Once we have isolated the cause of the problem, we can then come up with a efficient solution to fix it. We will already know where to dig and or what repair needs to be made before ground is broken. This process can save the customer thousands on sewer and septic tank repairs.

Using Sewer Video to Find the Cause of Your Septic Problems

Sewer video allows us to identify problems such as clogs, causes for reoccurring clogs, damaged drain lines or pipes, roots growing through drain lines, or other objects lodged in lines such as stuck fittings accidentally left inside the line by previous installers (Yes, we have seen this). Our camera can travel up to 200 feet, which exceeds the length of most septic systems. Not only do we have the ability to see what’s going on underground, but we can record and annotate the video for the customer and send it to them on a USB drive. This is helpful for customers and business owners who own property in the area, but do not live here and want to see for themselves what the cause of the septic problem is.

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If you are having septic issues let McPherson Enterprizes help you get your system serviced as soon as possible. We may suggest sewer video depending on the type of problem you are experiencing. Call us today at (252) 334-1616 and schedule an appointment with one of our septic specialists. We will work with you to find the most efficient and affordable solution to your sewer troubles. We service all areas of northeastern North Carolina including Moyock, Elizabeth City, Edenton, Hertford, Camden, Currituck, Perquimans, Pasquotank and Gates County.